Oh, boy, did it snow out!  It’s blizzardville to the tune of 16″ outside my window, which means (for the lucky ones) SNOW DAY!!!!!  Personally, I hate snow.  I hate winter and everything about it.  I’m definitely a summer gal, so winter is an anathema to me, and the worst of it is the shoveling.  I really hate shoveling – or I should say my body hates it a few hours later.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I got lucky for the last 14″ storm a few weeks ago, my neighbor happened to be outside with is snowblower while I was shoveling out my front walk, so he cleared out my car for me, which is realy the worst part of shoveling because the plows always bury it.  The snow also means cancelled dinner plans.  Well, enough blah blah blah, onto shop news!

Last night I finished listing all the new Pandora style bracelets I made the day before.  I also listed some new Pandora style beads.  I made maybe a dozen of the bracelets with St. Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s day in mind.  There are some sample pictures below.  Later on I am going to sit down and make Pandora style earrings that will compliment the new bracelets.   I went through my stash of beads yesterday and found some beautiful hearts – black and white lampworks, blue and white millifiori, peachy pink pressed glass and silver plated open work – which I plan to turn into earrings and Pandora style dangle charms if time permits.   They’ll be a little non-traditional because of the colors, but they’ll be beautiful just the same.  And not everyone wants reds for Valentines Day, so this will give you, my customers, a wider selection to choose from.   I also found some cute, tiny sitting dog charms and larger sitting cat charms, and star charms that are imprinted with “WISH”  that I want to do the same thing with.  Soon I should be getting deliveries of the Easter themed supplies I’ve ordered – silver plated, lampwork and ceramic bunnies, baskets and eggs.  These will become earrings and Pandora style dangle charms, and maybe even bracelets. 

I’d like to say thank you to Samantha for your purchase!  I get the most wonderful requests sometimes.  Samantha is a teacher and she had me make up seven Pandora style starter bracelets in school colors for her dancing class.  I think that is such a cool idea!  These girls will be surprised and delighted, and every time they wear their bracelets they’ll remember the fun and camaraderie of their class and fellow dancers.  What a wonderful rememberance!  What an awesome teacher!  Samantha, my hat’s off to you.  Man, I wish I’d had a teacher like you when I was in school!!

So, that’s it for today.  Be careful shoveling and driving if you’re in the northeast.  Thanks for reading me, and Happy Shopping!



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