I’ve been having my own personal storm of making new jewelry!! I’ve created 75 new pieces in the last 2 days, and man am I wiped!  42 yesterday, 33 the day before.  I think I deserve a few days off after this before I burn out!!!  Honestly, I need to do the wash and the dishes and food shopping and lots of other stuff which I’ve been neglecting for the last 2 weeks!!  So you may not see me make a post here if I take myself up on my offer to tidy up and goof off just a bit.  I’ve been yearning to get myself up to Barnes & Noble to have a mocha cappuccino and a chocolate-chocolate chip biscotti and leaf through all the latest jewelry and Somerset mags.   I’m overdue. 

But speaking of 42 more new items (which I’ve also listed in the shop) – there are new heart themed earrings and Pandora style charm dangles for St V Day (some in non-traditional colors), new Pandora style beads (enamels, gemstones and metals), Pandora style earrings and dangle charms, and more, plus I replenished some of my existing stock of dangle charms. 

***SALE ENDING SOON**  ALL  Pandora Style jewelry and charms will go back to regular prices on January 15th at 12AM!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Pandora style charm day – had 2 nice orders (thank you!!!! Jane and Chan!!)  come in and got those packaged up last night for today’s mail.  I didn’t have a lot of time to do the promotion thing in Etsy’s Forum, but I did make a few listings.  Oh, and I’ve been featured in several BNRs and treasuries on Etsy!!  My thanks to YarningAbout, BridgeandBuckle, Crandalian, OfftheWallExpression and my fellow BEST team member MysticWynd for including me in the treasuries and BNRs below






Treasuries are a great place to shop – they’re a collection of themed items.  Themes can be anything – I’ve created quite a few treasuries recently with themes of Christmas, St V Day, St P Day, Easter, Spring, Alice in Wonderland, faeries, Grays & Blues, and many more.  So if you were to look at my Grays & Blues Treasury, you’d see a dozen or so shops selling gray-blue items listed.  The treasures are like a small snapshot of what’s available on Etsy.  Next time you need to get someone a gift and you’re stumped, browse through some of the treasuries for ideas. 

Today’s activities will find me making more new Pandora style earrings and Pandora style dangle charms, taking photos, getting them listed, taking care of any in-coming orders (fingers crossed!  :-)) and doing some promoting.  I also need to finish reading the BEST Team’s Newbie Information Packet (no small thing, it’s 33 pages!) – I’m about halfway through and I want to get it finished so I can move forward and start getting busy with the team, and that should do it. 

So, until tomorrow have a great day, and maybe some Happy Shopping!!



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