So, my Blogroll Page is up!  Anyone care for some duck sauce or nose on fire mustard with theirs?  lol! 

Spent most of the day adding blog buttons and getting the page published.  I am still in the process of adding buttons – actually, that will probably be an endless activity as theer are always new blogs starting up.  I am hoping that if you see your blog button here, that you will kindly add my blog button to your blog to show your support – I would very much appreciate that, thank you!!   And if you are one of my readers or customers, I would greatly appreciate it if you could subscribe or link to my blog.  If you do link to me, please leave a comment on this post and I will return the favor!

I’ve created another poll!  I’d greatly appreciate it if you would please take a moment to resond to both polls near the top of the right margin if you haven’t already done so. (and   thank you!!!   if you have)

I did some Etsy forum promotions today, too – I’ve been so busy working on this blog and making new jewelry that I haven’t had the time.   Still on my non-shop related to-do list:  more laundry (ugh, it never ends!), cleaning my abode (the dust is getting really bold, it’s swinging from the ceiling in a few places. aiy!) , food shopping (ugh, it never ends also!).  But at least the dishes are all washed and the kitchen and bathroom are in good shape.  (I will NOT go into details about the rest of my home, you do not want to know.  Trust me.)

Ok, enough of that tangent, I will try to get back to shop business.  I found a nifty and useful tool at Craftopolis yesterday – you plug in your shop name and viola! you get a calendar that has views, hearts and sales on each day.  This is so very useful for tracking trends.  Why doesn’t Etsy supply tools like this?  You’d think they’d do more to help their sellers.  Not that I’m bashing Etsy, I mean I really love having a shop there and they get big traffic.  It’s just that you’d expect more and better seller tools for a site a huge and rich as Etsy.  That’s all.  (I guess I’m still a bit grumbled about the Etsy Mini not working with WordPress.  It’s been an issue for years, you’d think they’d get together and work out a solution. sheesh.) 

Wow, today seems to be go off on a tangent day.  *must stay focused!*

Ok, back to shop business  – let’s try it again.  The shop’s been slowing down in sales, and that really concerns me.  The sales are coming in, but they’re declining.  I guess I got spoiled from the holidays – this was my busiest year ever, and I am ever so grateful to all of my customers for shopping with me.  But I can’t live on what sales I make during November and December for the entire year.  Sheesh, it doesn’t even come close.  Valentine’s Day is less than a month away – and it’s the second largest retail sale time of the year, even more than Mother’s Day.  The sales should be coming in, and instead they’re dwindling.  I don’t know why – is the economy?  I guess.  I mean, the economy is ghastly and has been for a while now.  Is it a lack of advertising?  Hard to say.  I can’t afford to buy advertising (it’s uber expensive!) so that’s why I spend a lot of time listing promotions in the Etsy Forums, joining BEST, listing in Craig’s List, bringing my jewelry with me to different places like the hair salon I go to. 

I’m considering doing local craft shows, but again that involves so much time and the table rentals have gotten very pricey.  It’s not unusual to have to shell out $150.00 and upwards for a 10 x 10 foot spot for a single day, and then pray to God my sales cover the space rental, the taxes I have to collect, the cost of the jewelry.  I’m not so sure I’d make any profit for so much hard work – I mean, you pack up the car with boxes of your wares, your display components (tables and coverings, tent, chairs, assorted racks and boxes and baskets, and more) the night before.  Then, you’re up at 5am (or earlier depending on where you’re traveling to) the morning of the show.  Setups usually start around 7am, and you have usually 2 hours to drag everything out of your completely loaded car and put it together into some semblance of an inviting display booth.  Then you’re on your feet all day until maybe 5pm taking care of customers and writing up sales.  Then you get to pack up what you didn’t sell, break down your display and load it all back into the car again and go home.  But even once you get home, it doesn’t end.  You have to again unload the car and store your display (in my case, it will involve hauling it up and down the stairs), compiling your sales and comparing it to the inventory and pray it all balances out, write up a tax report form (to keep track of what you have to remit quarterly and perhaps annually as fed and state income).  The you have to make more jewelry to replace what you sold. 

Is it worth it?  Hard to say.  I guess it is IF you make a nice profit.   AND it is a form of free advertising and it gets your products and you out there.  But it’s a crapshoot.  It all depends on the weather and the customers, two critical components to your craft fair success – and both cannot be predicted.  You can only cross fingers and toes and do a lot of praying.  So I’m not sure I’m going to get into that.  It’s something I really have to think about long and hard before I commit to it.  It means giving up almost all of my free time, and not getting paid for it unless I make that $$$$$ profit.

Well,  I can’t seem to say in focus today and I’ve already written a very looooooong entry, so I will sign off for today and get back to working on the blog button page and maybe start the shopping mall page.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay focused!! lol!

Have a good day everyone, and Happy Shopping!


New Pandora style items that have just been listed in Cookalas House of Cards.

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Pandora Style Yellow Chiffon…


Pandora Style Periwinkle Swi…


Pandora Style Green Jadeston…


Pandora Style Crosshatch Bea…


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