Well,  more snow started very early am today and we’re forecast to get (as my friend Colleen calls it) another “snowpocalypse” today.  Another wet mix, this time freezing rain , then changing back to more snow.  Supposed to go on all day.  Winter storm watch in effect until 7pm tomorrow. Oh, aiy. Ick. I’m sick of it.  I’m praying it won’t change to freezing rain – the last thing I want is to have the power lines snap and lose electric.  *sigh* This really is turning out to be the mother of all winters….

On a more cheerful, less stressful note, I am being featured in more Etsy treasuries here and here and here and here and here and here.  Holy moly!!! *big grin* You know that saying, “When it rains it pours?”  All I can say to my fellow Etsian’s is thank you all so much, and that I am totally honored that you have  included one of my items in your treasury!!!  I’d muchly appreciate it if you, my reader, would take a moment to show your support and take a look – thank you! 

And big thank you’s, too, to those of you who took a moment to take the 2 polls !!!!  This is good because it helps me decide what to offer in my shop, and spring is coming.  Pretty soon, I’ll be turning my thoughts to spring themed jewelry, and your response to these polls will be a definite consideration for my designs.  Also, a word of thanks to Barbara F for your wonderful order!!

So, ok, no more new sales announcements, all done.  I think.  I’m toying with putting the vintage/steampunk jewelry on sale, too. What the heck, almost everything else is on sale – lol!  While I’m on the subject of sales – Etsy has an application I use called “Etsy On Sale”.  What it does is provide a way to automate sales so I can set them and forget them.  One of the nice little perks of Etsy On Sale is its sales page.  If you click on this link  and then type in cookalashouseofcards (don’t add any spaces) into the search field, every single item in my shop that’s on sale will pop up, and you’ll be able to scroll through all the listings.  What’s nice is that you can search on any shop name and see who’s having what sales on Etsy.  You can also browse by selecting a category in the left side panel.  It’s a  very useful tool for the buyer, so I thought I’d make you all aware of it.

So, that’s all she wrote, folks.  Now back to the snowpocalypse…….


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