Is it ever!!!  I had to brace the cold this morning and go out to get a prescription filled – but what a hullabaloo it turned into!  I usually go the mail-in route for my meds to save myself and my carrier money, but my prescription expired and I would’ve run out of meds before they refilled, so I had to get it filled locally.  It involved a few go around calls to the mail-in pharmacy to finally connect with someone who understood what was going on so they could cancel the mail-in prescription I’d mailed in on Jan. 19th  and which they still havn’t mailed out to me (can you believe that?!) .  Then I had to get a new prescription from my doctor (thank God she was in today), then I had to travel a few towns away to get the meds because they’re not real common.  Then I get to the pharmacy after a 40 minute drive, only to find out that one of the boxes (I get 3/fill) was expired.  So, at least I got 2 boxes but now I have to drive back there again next week to get the 3rd box.  aiy. 

What is it with incompetence these days?  It seems like an epidemic of  non-communication is upon us. Is it that people just don’t care?  Maybe are they too overworked to do the proper follow-up?  *sigh* I don’t know.  It’s bad enough you have to go through this with billing and charge card reps, but now it’s filtering over into the health industry, too.  Not good!!!  I was down to 3 days of meds before today, and without them I would’ve landed in the hospital or even possibly died.  Don’t they get that?  grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Well, ok.  Enough rant.  But that’s why I’m late posting today’s communique.

I’ve been included in another Etsy treasury , how cool is that!  If you have some browsing time, check it out!  Also, my thanks go to Chan L, Margaret O’B and Carolyn V for your orders – thank you ladies!! Much appreciated!  I have some new items made that I haven’t taken photos of yet – as soon as I do they’ll get listed and I’ll make an announcement here.  There are some Easter themed earrings and charms and some Pandora style items in the group, and I have to start making more jewelry soon for Easter and Spring.  Behind the scenes, I’ve been reading up on blogging and SEO and RSS – all new to me but stuff I should know, and I’ve been actively promoting my BEST team member’s shops as well as my own shop. 

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I took a day off and oh, was it sublime!  It felt so good to just do nothing.  Definitely what I needed to do to recharge.  Now I can go go again for a stretch.  That said, and to get off this tangent, I wanted to give out some reference material with respect to how to know what size you need when buying a Pandora style bracelet. 

Basically, it depends on what wrist size you are and then adding 1/2 to 1″.  For example, if you’re a size 7″ (or 18cm metric size) and you are buying one of my bracelets AND you are NOT going to be adding many more new beads, then add 1/2″ – so you would tell me you needed a 7-1/2″ bracelet when you place your order.  HOWEVER, if you are going to be adding a lot more beads/charms, then you would add 1″ – in that case you’d tell me to send you a size 8″ (or 19cm metric size).   Now, this is only a ballpark figure – many times you won’t know for sure until you actually try the bracelet on how it’s going to fit and if that fit is what you want.  Everyone is different, and has different bone structure and body weight distributions.  Some of you want snug fits, some of you want the bracelet to drape so the beads can slide around.  But the 1/2 and 1″ rule I outlined above should work for the average woman. 

However, if you do find that a bracelet you buy from me is not a good fit after you try it on, I will be more than happy to exchange just the bracelet as long as you will pay the return postage.  This is also stated very clearly in my shop Policies.  Every Etsy shop has a policy page that outlines things like shipping costs, customs, returns, exchanges and other, well, shop policies.  Before you purchase from an Etsy shop you should really read those policies, and definitely contact the seller if you have any questions.  I strongly urge you do to this. 

I’m bringing this all up because of a recent problem I had with a customer I will call “Pita” (I won’t tell you what than means though, 😉 ) .  Now, Pita placed an order for a Pandora style bracelet as a Christmas gift for a dear friend, or so Pita said, in the first week of December 2010.   Two days short of a month after Christmas (or 5 weeks later) Pita emailed me that the bracelet was too large for the friend and wanted to exchange it for a smaller size, which I was more than happy to do.  When I emailed Pita back telling her I’d do that and asked Pita to send me the return postage (4 postage stamps) well, Pita had a huge hissy fit.  

I emailed Pita that the cost of return postage was the responsibility of the customer for exchanges, and that this was noted was in my Shop Policies, but this Pita was so rude, so abrasive, demeaning and demanding, and so uncooperative – well, let’s just say that Pita won the the 2010 Mother of All Customer’s From Hell Award hands down, and by a HUGE margin.    The emails went back and forth a few times.  (BTW, I asked Pita three times why Pita had waited so long to contact me about the problem, but Pita never responded to those questions.) I really tried to work with Pita, but Pita was not having any of it. 

So, it ended up with Pita demanding a refund. Pita’s reason was, and get this, because every time Pita got together with this friend and saw the friend wearing that bracelet it would bring back too many upsetting memories of what Pita’d had to go through to get it exchanged.  O, Mother of God.  Can you imagine?  Here Pita had given this supposedly cherished friend this wonderful gift, which this friend had absolutely adored and bonded with, and now Pita was taking it back because of Pita’s selfish motivations. 

That is just sooooo sad.  I feel real sorry for that friend.  I would never, ever give a friend a gift and then take it away after she’d already bonded with it and had come to love because I’d be uncomfortable seeing her wear it.  That, to me, is just awful, unthinking and uncaring.  You just don’t do that to a friend!  What is wrong with these people!!!! Don’t they get it?   *sigh*

Well, anyway, this Pita ended up demanding a refund, and then left me the only negative, abusive feedback I’ve ever gotten in all my time of selling on Etsy.  And, to make matters worse, I have yet to get that bracelet back.  I don’t know how or where Pita sent it.  I told Pita to send it back to me insured and well packaged.  Well, it still hasn’t arrived.  So now I have this dilemma – should I give Pita the $10 refund anyway? 

*sigh* Sometimes it just isn’t easy running a shop.  If anyone has any advice or comments to offer me about this situation, I’d really appreciate it and I’d like to know what you think. 

So that’s it for today.  Don’t forget!! If you’re planning on making a purchase for Valentine’s Day do it today!  The mails are all running late because of the severe weather the country’s been having, and St V Day is only 10 days away and on a Monday – plus you can’t count weekends for postal service.  If you buy online today, that leaves you 5 days – and regular 1st class mail is a 2-5 business day delivery.  So, today is D-Day!  If you don’t order today, there’s a very good chance you will not get your order before St V Day.

As always, stay safe, warm and healthy, and Happy Shopping!!!

‘My Heart Is Yours!’ by CookalasHouseOfCards

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 18:52:54

    Hi Eileen,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough day. I use a mail in pharmacy myself and understand the hassle, but with multiple prescriptions, it’s the only way to go. You really have a LOOONG drive to the pharmacy!! Luckily there’s a drugstore on just about every corner near me, but prescriptions are still a hassle. I’ve been asking my doctors to fax my prescritions to my mail-in pharmacy. That seems to work great, except like in your situation.

    As to “Pita”, I think some people “act ugly” on purpose. I think it’s a scam to get the bracelet and not have to pay for it. I believe she habitually does this kind of thing. She knows people don’t want the extreme hassle of going after her for the money. I would say make her pay, however, it could take a real toll on your health, physically and emotionally. I know it’s not an easy decision, but either way is okay. Be kind to yourself!!! If you decide not to go after her, count it as a blessing that you’re done with her and let Karma do it’s work on her!

    Thanks for your detailed description on how to open the bracelet! I needed it! I got bracelet open easily but it took me a good while to figure out how to close it. I was trying to put the entire threaded area into the clasp! (NOT the fault of your directions!)

    There’s no hurry on the bracelet questions.

    Relax! Unwind! 🙂



  2. cookala
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 21:18:30

    hi, Barbara! I so glad you were able to figure out the bracelet – took me awhile to figure it out the first time, too! luckily, it only takes one time.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with me about “Pita”. It’s always good to get objective feedback. I’ve decided to let go away, and keep my fingers crossed that’s the end of it. Karma will get them, as you say! I run from fights – they just take too much out of you and who needs all the negative energy!

    have a great night!!


  3. Carol
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 12:20:25

    I’m late in reading my blogs, but I needed to comment on this anyway. You were so easy to work with when I made the foolish mistake of ordering the wrong size bracelet, I cannot understand what Pita’s problem is. I suspect she’s just one of those witchy people that wants her way no matter what cost to others. Credit her when the merchandise is not back to you? Absolutely not! You’re not going to make her happy no matter what you do. Besides, when those of us who shop online frequently read reviews, we take into consideration that every basket of grapes will contain at least one that’s sour. Write her off as a cost of doing business and forget her!


  4. cookala
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 14:41:55

    thanks so much for coming back to this, Carol! You’re right – I guess sometimes it’s just good to get a consensus, and support!! I appreciate it! I guess it’s hard for me to accept why some people are just so difficult. There are also those who leave neutral ratings for no good reason, too. I have a few of those – I just don’t think it’s fair to rate a seller neutral without giving a reason why or without giving the seller a chance to make good on whatever problem there is. I hav a couple of those. I guess, like you say, you can’t please everyone and there are always going to be those people who are sour grapes. I just have to learn that!


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