Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I realize I posted my weekly feature article for a BEST team member yesterday when I should have blogged about V Day!!!  SO, I will blog about it today instead in the form of a poem!  But before I do, I just wanted to mention that the treasury I posted on Sunday has been featured on the BEST team blog (because it’s the official team treasury which I have signed up to create pretty  much on a monthly basis),  here. I have also been busy creating a new team treasuries for Handmadeology here and here and also for the Etsy Bloggers here.  Tonight I will make one for EBT, which I will post tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

I spent most of the day yesterday purchasing more components for my jewelry, mostly Pandora style lampwork, pearl and porcelain beads that I’m very excited about because they are all so pretty and different from my current stock – you can also expect to see rhinestone and crystal bead dangles and slider beads in different colors in about a month.  I’ve also bought more gemstone beads – rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, picture jasper, purple jade stone, turquoise – all gorgeous, and all natural gemstones.  There will also be more critter beads – owls, rabbits, turtles, pumpkins, butterflies, gift boxes and lots more.  I have some gorgeous ideas in mind for how I’m going to make up my Pandora style starter bracelets – they’re going to be even more beautiful than they are now.  Everything should be listed in my shop just in time for the Spring, so think spring colors – pastel purples, pinks, greens, yellows, whites – and also browns, blues and grays.  I will be making new treasuries up and posting them here so you can get a preview of all the new items as I list them in my shop.

Yesterday evening I spent a good deal of time being active on the Etsy team boards and reading some great articles posted on the boards from Handmadeology and EtsyBloggers and EBT (Etsy Blog Team – not to be confused with Etsy Bloggers – these are 2 different teams).  I have also left several groups I had previously joined as a part of my weeding out process.  I am now down to being a member of 7 teams, and I think that will be it for the time being.  I am still waiting for approval for the EtsyBloggers Forum website – which I hope will be coming soon – I need to get into the forum to start reading about what activities are required of me.  On a sad note, I am leaning more and more towards leaving BEST.  I spend a good deal of my time promoting my team members, but I see little of that being returned.  I’ll give them another week or two and make a decision.  It just seems to me that the other teams I have joined have already made noticeable efforts to promote my shop, much more so than BEST.  So, we’ll see. 

Now, for my tribute to St Valentine’s Day, day of love, day of sweet romance, I’ve decided to post a short poem I wrote a few weeks ago.  I hope you enjoy it!  And after that, I’m putting up the treasury I made for Etsy Bloggers Team.  The colors are so pretty, and spring-y, I have to share it with you!


You found me slump-necked, limp
with need after months of desert days,
infused me with your rains, excited me
with your occasional peals of thunder;
your lightening revealing a new path
for me to follow.

I grew upright again,
heart brimmed, face lifted;
soaked with your wet wonder,
yet unable to parch my thirst.

‘OVER THE RAINBOW’ by CookalasHouseOfCards

Etsy Bloggers and their rainbow creations!!

Beaded Cuff Bracelet – …


Bamboo Blend Baby Booti…


Hearts Desire original …


PDF Pattern Ruffle Twir…


LARGE Rainbow Silks – 6…


15dollarsOFF ENDS FEB18…


Soap of the Month Basic…


Hippy Flower Journal


Apothecary Bottle – Dar…




Cotton Candy Hand paint…


rainbow fluffy – colorf…


Pair of Dishcloths – Mu…


Autumn Rose Felted Slip…


Kitty Magnets


Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.


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