Today for some of us is a holiday, for the not so lucky it’s back to the grind.  For me, every day feels like a holiday because I’m retired and I make my own schedule.  Retiring was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It ranks right up there with earning a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Technology.  I have done other wonderful things for myself, but these two things stick out in my mind as being the most accomplished. 

But, back to reality – the tooth is still singing, the dentist can’t see me until Wednesday, so it’s 2 more days of liquid meals and pain killers.  *sigh* I really need to get this tooth taken care of! I’m dreading going, and  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I won’t have to get it yanked.  I really do not want to ose a tooth and have to destroy two more teeth to make a bridge, and the tooth is on the upper jaw – not sure gravity would affect it as far as it coming loose, but it’s a consideration. 


On the business side, I’ve been included in more treasuries here  and here and here and here.  I love creating treasuries.  I find it fun and addictive – and if you follow this blog you can see I make a lot of them!  They’re a great way to promote, one of the few, within Etsy.  And you make friends along the way, and if you get lucky and feature a shop owner who believes in karma, they’ll feature you in their treasuries as a thank you.  And it’s even better if they take a moment to click on all 5 of the social network buttons to promote the treasury.  It equates to free advertising.  It’s win-win for everyone included in the treasury – and very symbiotic!

I added a new page to the blog called “Tutorials”.  So far, I have added instructions on how to select the proper size Pandora style bracelet and also how to open and close it for people who are new to this style of charm bracelet.  I get a lot of questions from customers about Pandora style, so I thought it would be a great idea to put the how-to’s on a page by themselves.  In the future, as I come across things that I think will be helpful to you I’ll post them there, too. 


I joined another team.  I know!  I know I said I was cutting back to a manageable number, but this team was created to replace the promotional forums that Etsy just recently shut down.  There are no requirements – it’s strictly for promotions – so this is very do-able for me.  Yay!  I hope to see more teams like this come into being. 


I’ve decided to extend my sale of Pandora style bracelets and charms until March 19.  Historically, January through April are my slowest months, so I throw really good sales to keep the orders coming in.  Another symbiotic setup – you benefit with saving some money and getting some new jewelry to wear, I benefit by keeping the shop active.  True, I am selling at rock bottom prices and making almost no profit (honestly!!) – but I am moving stock and keeping my customers interested.  My benefits are intangibles, but they count for a lot. 

So, that’s it for today.  Enjoy the President’s Day holiday if you’re off, and happy shopping!


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