I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I so wish I was there !!!

It’s one of those days today.  I got zip zero nil nada desire to do much of anything.  What I do have is an abundant overload of wanderlust.  Every year around this time, after being cooped up inside for months on end, I start getting the urge to fly the nest and head south.  Pack up the bathing suit, some SPF and my sunglasses and my iPod, and not much else, and hop a plane for warmer climes – specifically those of the Caribbean.  Pretty soon now I’ll be flipping through online pages looking at all the pretty pictures of a turquoise ocean lapping at sparkling white sands beneath the abundant sunshine and eating my heart out.   I’ll go scouting for deals until my eyes want to explode, though I already know I won’t find any I can afford.  *sigh*  Well, such is life.  Better not to pine.

As far as shop news, I’ve been insanely busy (when am I not!?) catching up with the promotional end of things.  I’ve been included in more treasuries – I think tomorrow I have to make some team treasuries, I’m overdue – my thank you’s go to Wednesday Sisters here and Mystichintime here.   I also want to say thanks to Cozette A, Melissa S, Lauren W, Christina F, Joyce F (again!) and Julie S. for your purchases!!  So, thank you all! 

My new line of beadsets will be similar and I will be asking $5 a set and up, depending on the beads. I'm also going to offer Bali silver spacer sets.

I’m still digesting the EtsyBloggers Team rules and instructions for the blog carnival.  It’s complicated, that’s all I can say.  Wish me luck because I will need it!  I’ve started  making up Pandora style coordinated bead sets in different colors.  So far I’ve done blacks, pinks, greens and dark blues.  I have reds, browns, purples, whites and yellows left to do yet.  As soon as I get them all done I will take pictures and list them in the shop.  I have also added some new Pandora style leather bracelets to the shop –  now you can coordinate your bead colors with your bracelet color – how cool is that?!

Aren't these cool?! And they look awesome with the beads on them! They're also very light weight on your wrist. You can find them in the shop in the Pandora section. Click on the photo to go there.

I also have to rearrange the shop sections – I so wish I had more than 7 sections!!!!!  I could use double that.  So I’m going to have to combine 2 existing sections to free one up for bead sets and sterling silver Pandora style beads.  I have to do it this way because of the way Etsy On Sale is automated – you set up your sales based on shop sections.  

on sale in my shop - click the photo to go there

I’m thinking I will probably combine the Viking Knit and the Hand Forged and Wired Sections, since Viking Knit is essentially hand wiring, or wire braiding actually.  It’s a lot of work,  like everything else, it’s very time consuming because the user interface we sellers use to manage our shops is very limited as far as editing and moving things from section to section.  It’d dark ages, really.  I keep wishing Etsy would develop a friendlier interface for shop management, been wishing for that since I joined in 2005!  


Last but not least, I just started some new sales!!  Check these out!!! 

 Viking Knit bracelets – 5% off!                   Vintage/Steampunk $5 off! 

Pandora Earrings 20% off!                           Gemstones/Clay/Other 20% off!

                                       Holy cow!  Happy Shopping!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 12:10:37

    You keep throwing temptation in my face. You love to do that, don’t you?

    I too am ready to escape to warmer climes. I really needed to be born wealthy, or with a little bit more freedom financially. Oh well, life is good anyway.


  2. cookala
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 18:45:47

    *big smile* Yes, I guess I do! And double yes – I wish I were rich, too!!! But life is what it is, and we have to do the best with what we have. And those of us who are not rich financially are usually rich in other ways – be it creatively, be it friends and family, or be it reitred! yay! I am still celebrating my retirement even though it’s over a year now. Yes, I consider myself rich because my time is mine now, to do exactly as I want with. And I am basically healthy enough to enjoy it. Yes, it could be better but you know, I’m pretty happy with what it is. And actually I think that if you have nothing left to dream about or strive for because you have it all, you’d get pretty bored. Then again, maybe not – I suppose it’s all in your mindset.


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