What, you wonder, is Cocktail N?  It’s an idea that came to me yesterday while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, silently freaking out while I waited for Dr B to come and yank out that bad tooth.  *sigh*  I had gone thinking I was going to have  root canal, only to learn there was pretty much nothing left of the tooth and it had to come out.  So, where does Cocktail N come in?  It’s my new name for the mix of nitrous oxide and Novocaine.  Oh yeah, good stuff as far as pain goes.   The heck with drag racing, I would love to be able to breathe that nitrous stuff while basking in the sun at the beach.  Now, that would be a good thing!  The air was never so sweet……

It also occurred to me, while I was enjoying my nitrous high, that my dental phobia pretty much evaporates while I’m under the influence.   I thought about this while Dr B did her thing, wondering why I still carry this phobia around even though I know dentistry isn’t so bad these days as far as pain goes.  I think, like so many other people my age, that when I was a child the dentists of the world all collectively sucked.  Every single dentist I went to until I was in my 20’s cared little for my pain levels and told me I was imagining things.  I had to sit there while those bozo’s shoved their enormous mitts into my child’s mouth and proceeded to drill and scrape and dig and fill while  my nerve centers howled like a gale force wind.  It felt like hot needles being jabbed deep into my gums and skewed around.   (Ok, I’ll stop now, I can feel you all cringing…) but you get the idea.  Many of you know, you’ve been there and done that.

Today’s yank wasn’t bad at all, thanks to Cocktail N.  I think from now on, this may be the way for me to go.  The worst of it is over.  All that’s left now is to get the bridge done, and a cleaning, and then I’m good for hopefully 6 months.  *crosses fingers*  Well, ’nuff said about it.  Time to put it all back into the lidded box and put it back in that dark corner.  That, and I’ll be expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight….and I better be compensated.  *heheh*

Here's a sneak preview of one of the new sterling silver Pandora style beads you'll soon find in my shop!

As far as shop news, I got a big delivery the other day and some of the new sterling silver Pandora style beads are in!  They are so nice!  In fact, I might just keep one or two for myself, they are that nice. I’m not sure on pricing yet.  And I also got some gorgeous .925 sterling silver spacer charms that I’m going to be selling in sets of 3 for $12.  These are really nice, too, and they’re all stamped “925”.  I have to take pictures and list them in my shop yet, but you should see them very soon now.  A lot of other new Pandora style beads came in, too.  I have some really pretty pink and gray pearl beads, rhinestone spacers in different colors, and sparkly faceted bead dangles , cut crystal, polymer clay.  I get so excited when I get new items for the shop!  For awhile, at least, until I get into the thick of the work it entails! LOL!

I’ve been included in more treasuries here and here – thank you Cathy/HeadpinWear and JoyousWorld!!  I will definitely be promoting these! I’m making some treasuries up today and will remember to return the favor!  And thank you!! to Karen M, Allen D, Marybeth R for your orders – they’re much appreciated!  I’m almost done making up Pandora style bead sets.  I took about 200 (yes, 200!) pictures yesterday of them and other things I’m ready to list. 

I had pc problem that kept me off the internet for a day and a half – good thing I have my computer training to fall back on!  Troubleshooting can be tricky, and it’s pretty much trial and error to find out what’s wrong.  It turns out some malware got past Norton (a rare thing, too.  Norton is generally very good at preventing that).  I had a toolbar install itself without Norton and I knowing.  All of a sudden I was getting this error – “Windows cannot open Internet Explorer” every time I tried to go online, I try to open IE and I’d get that error and then IE would close down.  *sigh*  Well, like I said, my computer training does have its benefits!  But everything is good now, and I didn’t lose any data files and the malware didn’t screw anything else up that I know of.  Personally, after having had to deal with the nightmare these malicious vermin cause, I think the laws should totally beat the *$*%*% you know what out of anyone who creates malicious software and then sends it out across the internet with no regard for the damage they inflict.  When I was working, most of my days were spent trying to fix this stuff, and it wasn’t fun.  I think that’s what made me prematurely gray… *wink*

So, this is getting long, and I know all of us have stuff to do, so I’ll end it here.  I’ve been rambling.  Maybe some of Cocktail N is still in my system….


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