Pandora Style Add-A-Bead!!!!

Just in time for Easter! click on this photo if you'd like to own this sweet little bunny!!!

click to enlarge

Today I’m featuring Pandora style add-a-beads!! These are so cool. What makes these so versatile is that you’re not limited to adding just Pandora beads – you can add any kind of bead you want! You could even use the add-a-bead alone on a pretty snake chain and make yourself a changeable necklace! How cool is that?! It’s a great way to make your bracelet or necklace truly one of a kind.

This silver plated light weight pendant bead stacker measures 1-1/4″ from top to bottom and is awaiting your inspiration! The mandrel (rod) is approximately 1.0mm thick and works with most beads, pandora style or small-holed beads. It’s the perfect size to dangle from your pandora style bracelet or necklace.

When you purchase this item from me you will receive 1 bead pendant and 1 lampwork bunny bead as shown in the photo, just in time for Easter! And when Easter is past, you can switch almost any type of bead in and out to compliment your pandora bracelet or necklace. All you have to do is screw off the top end of the stacker, add your bead or beads, screw it back together and viola! You’ve got a OOAK pendant or charm to add to your Pandora style necklace or bracelet. How cool is that?!

Cupcake add-a-bead set - click on the photo if you'd like to purchase one!

Pink Heart add-a-bead set - click on the photo if you'd like to own one!

Here are the other two add-a-bead sets I am currently offering in my shop – if you want to purchase one, just click on it’s photo and you will go right to the shop listing. These are so neat I’m keeping a few for myself!!


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