So, you ask yourself, why am I yaying?  Because everyone is back to work and the beach will be empty.  Yay!  I love the beach, but I hate the crowds.  I go there to get away from everyone and everything, and just unwind and BE.  Loud radios, kicked up sand, paddle balls and guys proving their macho by tossing around a frisbee or a football do not do it for me.  Worst of all, I absolutely hate it when there’s an entire beach of empty sand and ample places to park for the day, but do they? No! They insist on plopping down two feet away from me. Puhlease!!!  Go away!!!!!  lol!!  The beach brings out a very anti-social, leave me alone I wanna be alone side of me.  It’s my time for me, and me alone.   Now, I know that must sound awful.  But it’s the only place I can escape from life for a while, if you know what I mean!  So, in just a short while I will pack up my cooler and run down to the shore.  No crowds!  yay!  But before I do, it’s thank you time.

Thanks so much to my awesome customers!!!!  Thank you Nelida P, Ann VanDer…,Natalie W, Patti C, Adraina S, Rachel L, Renee and Carrie J.  Your orders really mean a lot to me right now because it’s slow time for the shop.  Once June hits, it seems that my sales go south, and that gets me very anxious!!   And I just listed a ton of new stuff yesterday – Pandora style bead sets and bracelets and all kinds of gorgeous beads, and leather bracelets.  Oh, and new silver plated bangles!!!!   I just got some new Pandora style cuff/bangle bracelets – they look so cool!  I have them is sizes 7, 7-1/2 and 8 inches.  I thought I’d get a few and see how they sell.  The leather bracelets have been moving well, and no wonder, they come braided in such pretty colored leathers, and they really look great with the beads!!!

So, it’s that time of year again when I make my viking knit and hand strung lampwork jewelry.  Soon I’ll be getting together my traveling beading setup to bring with me to the beach.  I figure I can still make jewelry to pass the time while I’m there.  I’ve been buying up some really awesome artisan lampwork beads all winter, and I can’t wait to make them into something wonderful for you all!!  So, to end I’ll leave you with my latest shop treasury of some of the new items I just listed Satruday.  Happy browsing, and hopefully buying!!!! ;-))

‘NEW NEW NEW!!!’ by CookalasHouseOfCards

new items in my shop!!

Pandora Style Start…


Pandora Style White…


Pandora Style Windm…


Pandora style LOVE …


Pandora Style Bead …


Pandora style Yello…


925 Sterling Pandor…


Pandora Style Start…


Pandora Style Pink …


Pandora Style 7-1/2…


Pandora style Add-A…


Pandora Style 8&quo…


Pandora style AB Rh…


Pandora Style Bead …


Pandora style AB Co…


Pandora Style Start…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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