Well, I finally got power and internet back only yesterday – can you believe that?!?!?  It took LIPA 7 days to do that even with the help from several other states!  Wow. That is so beyond bad.  Worse yet is when you see your neighbors on the other side of your back yard or on the next street over with power only 2 days afterwards.  Grrrrrrr!!!  So frustrating!!!  And they didn’t even notify anyone when to expect power back.  Bad, bad, bad!!!

In the interim, it was really difficult living without electric – it was a journey back to the stone age – and once nightfall approached and the candles got lit, there was little you could do.  I found myself going to bed at 8 pm – I don’t think I’ve done that since I was in grade school – and tried to sleep, but that was pretty impossible because our neighbors ran their generator all day – when it ran out of gas it was such a relief!!!  That was beyond annoying. 

Well, we did have a little excitement – a tree fell on the house very early Sunday, maybe 6am.  The winds had finally died down a little and I had just gotten into bed to try to sleep, and BOOM!!!!!!!!  It fell right above me.  Things fell off shelves and walls, the bed and me in it briefly levitated and the bang it made was huge!  Whoever was watching out for me, thank you!  Thank God there wasn’t any structural damage, just a few messed up shingles.  But oh boy, when that tree came down I nearly had heart failure!!  I consider myself VERY lucky!

It’s been rough having to live without power.  No internet, no tv, no a/c, no fans, no hot showers (ugh!  gotta say those icy cold showers are the absolute worst!!).  Barbecued food almost every night, or junk food take out.  Really bad.  At least we had water!!  It would have been worse if we’d lost water, too.  But thank God everything and everyone is ok.  Irene is just a bad dream now.  It could have been a lot, lot worse.   I am exceedingly grateful Irene wasn’t a Cat2 as they had originally predicted.  I don’t think LI could take that much force.  It would be total devastation for many people. 

So, tomorrow it’s back to shop events!! While the power was out, and after we took care of the tree and tidied up the yard, I busied myself making a ton of new Halloween and Fall themed earrings, and some Pandora dangles.  We did have mail service (yay!) and I got almost all of the items I’d ordered.  So tomorrow I’m going to try to make a treasury of some of the things I made and post it here so you can see  how gosh darn cute they all are!


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