I’ve been MIA a bit of late – can you believe I still have about 75 items to edit yet?  *sigh* this is taking forever and a day, and I’m tired of it already. At this point, I am way beyond frustrated, and I am angry.  Very , very angry.  Why must people be so hateful?  Why do some people get off on hurting others who have done nothing to hurt them?  Are jealousy and greed reason enough to purposely try to ruin someone’s livelihood, are they reason enough to justify harming someone who’s done nothing to them? And in times that are as financially difficult as they are? 

That is such a sad, sorry, horrible thing to do.  But you know what really hurts, aside from the fact that my sales have dropped by 75%?  It’s that I still see so many other shops on Etsy advertising their Pandora style knock-off goods the same exact way that I was when REACT cited me for copyright infringement.  Talk about discrimination……. 

See, the problem lies in Etsy’s new method of searching – by relevancy.  95% of people who shop at Etsy search for Pandora, Pandora beads and Pandora style and hardly anyone searches for European beads or european style.  In order for your listings to be included in those searches you must have those terms in your listing title – something I am now forbidden to do because of REACT.  Meanwhile, every other shop on Etsy that sells knock-off Pandora goods is allowed to have Pandora in their titles.  Hence, people are not seeing my listings when they search for Pandora style goods but they are seeing everyone else’s.  *big, long sigh*

So today is a very gray day – outside and in.  I don’t usually vent this way, but today I am way down low somewhere and I feel like I should just close up shop and quit.  I am beyond disgusted.  I feel so completely beaten down by this thing.  It really hurts.  I gave up a good part of my life and spent 6 months this past winter and spring practically chained to the computer promoting my shop and trying to build it up.  And then, just as my shop is finally starting to take off and I am starting to reap the rewards of my hard work, someone complains to REACT about the way I am advertising my goods with the intent of shutting me down.

Well, whomever you are, I hope in the hugest way possible that karma takes a gaping, crater-sized bite out of you just as soon as possible.  You are hereby officially cursed.  May the unsanctioned, sleaze ball thing you have done to me revisit you infinitely.  Bad, bad, exceedingly bad juju on you, because you totally deserve it.


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  1. Terry
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 17:26:38

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you and I totally agree with you on; “talk about discrimination!” I will now search European beads instead of Pandora to hopefully help those that were singled out. I will continue to add to your sales as much as I can… are one of my very few favored shops. ❤


  2. cookala
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 18:22:15

    Terry – thank you so much for commenting – it helps so much. I’m having a bad day today dealing with it all. It kills me – I put so much hard work into my shop to keep my goods fresh and affordable, and to see it singled out and stomped down like this is much to bear. Your comments are very much appreciated!!


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