WOOT! NEWS!!!!!!

And so this is way cool – I’ve been accepted into membership with SRAJD!  I am now officially recognized as Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer #3317.  Sweet!!!  This means that I design, create, manufacture and sell my own jewelry.  This is a nice lift after all the bad things that have happened recently, and much needed to help lift my spirits a little.

Shop sales are still decreasing, and I am officially worried.   I thought they’d bounce back after I bought some advertising – but it looks like I may as well have taken a match to the money I invested because my sales have actually gotten worse.  *sigh* If they don’t pick up soon, it means closing the shop and finding a part-time job.  I hate this.  But I do have to pay bills, and I can’t do it if the shop is not producing.  And I’m starting to see a lot of new shops opening that I just can’t compete with because these are large wholesalers who are based in China.  They are selling Pandora/european style beads and bracelets at prices so low it makes me sick.   If they are allowed to continue this type of undercutting, a lot of other shops who have been selling on Etsy for years will also be forced to close.  It’s just not fair!   So, we’ll see.  The holidays are coming, so I think that will help a lot.  It’s after the holidays that I’m worried about.  I may have to find another on-line venue to sell at.  I am seriously looking into SilkFair.  I have already started setting up a shop – and as soon as I finish making my Christmas stock (all I have left to make are bead sets and take photos) I will begin to list my items on SilkFair.  I’ve already had quite a few inquiries at SilkFair, which is a very good sign.  So stay tuned for more info – I may be leaving Etsy sometime in early to mid 2012. 

And so today is my favorite day of the year – Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE Halloween, always have.  When else do you get to play dress up and become a kid again?  I love checking out all the cute costumes, and the shy little kiddies –  how cute are they?!?!  Unfortunately, Saturday’s Nor’Easter has upset many ghoulish plans this year – and I think this is the earliest we’ve ever gotten snow.  Ick!!!!  I HATE snow!!!! I just hope it’s not an omen of a harsh and frigid winter!

I also want to say that my thoughts and prayers for safety and warmth go out to all my customers on the East coast and New England who were hit hard by Saturday’s storm and who still do not have electric – here we got away lucky with just a light dusting of some slush and snow but a lot of people really got walloped!  My thoughts are with you – I hope you are all keeping warm somehow.  Losing power when it’s cold out is the absolute pits!  It might be time for an early tropical vacation IF you can afford it!

So, that’s it for today.  Tomorrow I need to do thank you’s and preview some new items.   See you then!


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